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Whether your project is residential or commercial, 

we've got you covered!

Furniture Refinishing

Furniture Repair // Stripping and Refinishing // Custom Finishes // Chair Caning Repair

Before Furniture Refinishing
After Furniture Refinishing

Do you have an piece a furniture you love, but is needing a little spruce up? We can strip and refinish any piece you have. We can either match the color already there or create something completely new with our custom finishes. We mix our own stains in-house, so the possibilities are endless! Don't forget about your antique furniture, we cover that too, using top of the line materials to keep your antiques value. We also repair many different types of cane and rattan by hand.



All Painting Phases Available // Interior Walls // Doors //Crown Molding and Baseboards // Frames

We offer all painting phases, including: acoustic ceiling removal, wall paper removal, painting baseboards and crown molding, walls, ceilings, and doors. Basically anything you see in your home that needs to be painted, we can paint. So don't spend extra money replacing your doors, instead have them painted to look like new.


All Exterior Walls // Gates // Patios // Garage Doors

A great way to give your home or business a big impact is a new paint job on its' exterior! You'll be amazed at the difference it can make. Talk with our color specialists to pick out the best color for your project. We don't just paint the walls either, we have your patios, gates, and garages covered too!

Custom finishes

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets // Chairs, Tables, and Desks // Armoires and Dressers // Wall Units

Custom Paint Colors and Stains

We mix all of our paints and stains in-house and can match or create any color you'd like. Many customers like updating their cabinets and built-ins as chips and wear become more apparent. Our process and materials will help make your home or business look great longer.

Epoxy garage floors

Solid and Clear Epoxy Available// Custom Colors and Chips

One of the most neglected rooms in your house is most likely the garage. Give it a makeover and turn it into a space you enjoy being in with some new epoxy floors. We offer a wide variety of options to choose from, like semi-gloss to high-gloss coating, and flakes or chips which come in custom colors. Adding flakes can help make your garage floor look like granite.

Other services

Acoustic Ceiling Removal // Elastromeric Paint // Power Washing // Charlotte Fabrics and Robert Allen Fabrics Available

Are you wanting to get rid of your acoustic "popcorn" ceiling? We offer services to remove the acoustic, smooth the surface, and repaint to your desired color. We also offer power washing to help wash the exterior of your building or home. While your refinishing your furniture, check out the fabrics we offer as you may also want to update the fabric on your pieces. We offer fabric from Charlotte Fabrics and Robert Allen Fabrics. Stop by our shop for fabric samples.

Happy Commercial Clients

Westin Hotel
Morton's Steakhouse
Laidlaw Transit Services
Welk Resorts
City of Indian Wells
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